Bronco Gallery July Shows


Tatyana Ostapenko
The Bronco Gallery is a small gallery space based out of
a 1991 Ford Bronco. Emily Wobb and Maggie Heath
started the gallery because they wanted to give
emerging artists a platform and they didn’t have a
building, they had an SUV.
Being a 4WD space the gallery is meant to not only
provide another gallery within the established art
community in Portland, but also engage in dialog with
non-typical art events. The Bronco Gallery’s opening
receptions celebrate alongside institutions, galleries,
festivals, rodeos, car shows and the like, by tailgating
these events.
Tatyana Ostapenko was born and raised in Soviet
Union (now independent Ukraine.) She holds a BA
in Spanish and International Business from Georgia
State University and a BFA in Studio Practice at
Portland State University. He work focuses on the
recent history of once-Soviet states: the enormous
changes and simultaneous lack of change, social
ambivalence, political uncertainty, and the daily
experience of people caught in the midst of
July Tailgates
July 23 // 6PM Portland International Raceway, 49th Anniversary Race
July 31 & August 1 // ALL DAY Seattle Art Fair


Bronco at Motocross