Summer Days Paintings at Mingo West in Beaverton, OR

Mingo West interior with painting by Tatyana Ostapenko.jpeg

Cafe Mingo was one of the first Portland restaurants I went to when I first moved here. It is family owned and a friend who lived here before me couldn’t recommend it high enough. ⁣

With its attentive friendly service, welcoming atmosphere and thoughtful yet unfussy seasonal fare Mingo is still one of my favorites years later. ⁣

So I was very excited when a local curator asked me to show some of my Summer Days series painting at Mingo West in Beaverton. Two of the larger oil paintings from the series, Arbor and Homeward are on display in the private dining room (I know, I am fancy, what can I say) and there are a few smaller works by the entrance in the lobby.

I am planning on stopping by some time soon to grab a drink and take in the atmosphere. I just think it’s so great to walk into a restaurant and see original contemporary figurative paintings on the dining room walls. Guess I am nerdy that way.