Mediterranean Sunshine for Soviet Construction Workers

Brighter Future oil on canvas 19x25 inches 2019

Brighter Future
oil on canvas
19x25 inches

Soviet construction ladies get a Mediterranean makeover.

Back in the studio after some time away. So nice to play with paints again!

I was away in Spain and Italy for two and a half weeks, and I can definitely feel the trip’s effect on my palette, and not in a way I suspected it would happen.
I thought it would be all dramatic chiaroscuro imprinted on my brain from the Prado and Venetian churches, but instead the Mediterranean sun left the strongest impression with all the saturated light color, bright yellows, greens and pinks. I am surprised and excited about this new development.

I made this painting in response to an open call organized by the City of Seattle for their Portable Works Collection. They already own one of my pieces, the Carousel, but they definitely need more. I am sure they do. So, I decided to make a companion piece, a different generation of soviet/post-soviet women and turn up that color and saturation another notch.   

For so long I was attached to the idea of creating images of post-soviet spaces by staying true to the local color palette. All the memories of the dreary melting slush and muddy ruts of my childhood kept showing up in my canvases. I would often get comments that my work was so recognizable, especially locally here in Portland, because of its distinct muted color palette. This was especially true once I started using oils and could really get into the rich hues of grey-black-brown mud and dust.

But recently I have been moving away from a literal interpretation of my reference material and my memories. It’s been a curious exercise to think, feel and see the same content, now re-interpreted in more saturated, lighter color.

I actually had to hide my earth tone paint tubes away from myself. Hid them in a far corner of the studio storage so that finding them in the middle of painting frenzy would be more challenging than figuring out how to mix a dark color wish such vibrant hues on my palette. It’s been fun!

I would love to know what you think about this new development. I know a lot of you enjoyed my previous palette and color.

Do you love these these new summer colors or if you are already missing the rich natural tones from before?

Let me know in the comments or send me a message