A painting installation by Amanda Wilson reveals a series of new works that span unorthodox grounds and contemporary abstract compositions. 

Opening Night:

Thursday, June 1st

6-8 pm

Artist Statement:
Where Paint Can Go began as an emergence from academia into a new world for which I was re-evaluating the purpose of painting in. As I cut up old clothing into painting and cleaning rags, the laundry revealed a new importance in my life: It is no longer just my own. Family, farm and pet now utilize these little, banal cloths. 
My compositions are constantly and fluidly evolving. I utilize simple marks to highlight the personality of color, gesture and material. I view each piece as conveying a small narrative, however subjective the interpretation, through the hand grasping a language of mark making.
Thank you Twombly, Basquiat, Schulnic, Eisenmann, Schutz, Guston, and more.
In this series, I explore the painting field on small and unconventional grounds. I am using these mediums as an initial surface to react to. Certain materials have brought this work into a more sculptural realm, and I aim to extend that through the texture of the paint. Where can paint go?! These paintings energize the dialog between mind and heart, and put the personal into public conversation.

Erickson Gallery 2 NW 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97209