Photographer in the Painter's Studio

The worst thing a photographer can say is: “Just act natural!“

What usually ensues are grimace-like smiles, corny staged poses and general feeling of dread and wanting to get away from the all seeing eye of the camera lens as fast as possible.

OK, maybe you never felt like that and you are always ready for your close up, but I sure can get stiff and act anything but natural in front of a camera. And I am talking about a still camera. Video is an altogether different level of cruel and unusual punishment.


I was so excited when Erin and I met at a business class.

I loved her approach to portrait photography. She is warm and funny, kind and sincerely interested in her subjects. Her goal is to create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance that allows people to actually act natural even in such an unnatural situation as a photo shoot.

Erin visited my studio recently and we spent a few laughter filled hours goofing off. Just a few minutes into it I forgot that the usually intimidating camera was always trained on me and goofed off to my heart’s content.

I even got to model one of my paintings as a dress!

She is echipps on Instagram.

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