Fun Casual Venue, Affordable Art

Happy to work with a new curator

Danielle is an awesome local artist and an avid art collector.  She curates a few casual spaces around Portland, and we just installed 26 of my earlier paintings at one of them, Blackbird Pizza on SE Hawthorne.  Music is loud, pies are solid good, booze is plentiful and there are arcade machines in the back. I love the irreverent spirit of the place and think my work is quite fitting.


Pleasant discovery about the past

It was really fun to excavate my painting storage and find some paintings from when I was first starting out. One thing I didn’t expect was to be pleasantly surprised by so many of them. Back when I was beginning to paint in 2012, I was using acrylic paints and felt constantly frustrated by their limitations.  I am fascinated by the freshness and raw quality of gesture and fun daring solutions that elude me now that I have the amazing malleability of oil paint at my disposal. Maybe I should give acrylic another try?

Good Paintings at Deep Discounts

Anyways, despite having rediscovered many good things about my earlier paintings, I have just a few too many and I would rather have you enjoy them on your walls than put them back into storage after the show is done. 

Therefore, everything at Blackbird is 50% off my usual prices.

They are up for a month. Go get them.

Are you in town in August? Want to have a drink and talk art with me at Blackbird?

Tell me if you are around and would like to come to a casual artist reception toward the end of the month to hang out with me, ask questions, buy original at seriously low prices. If I get a lot of folks, interested, I’ll set up a reception date.